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Marianne Fassler: More than a designer of Fashion


While much of the world has decided that minimalism is the height of sophistication in all matters of design; Marianne Fassler has stayed true to disrupting the acceptable.

With over 30 years in the fashion business, Fassler has become one of Africa’s most celebrated Fashion Designers. Her garments seem to play in the grounds of conceptual art with finishes that delicately enhance your free spirit and sensual femininity.



Her workshop, Leopard Frock, located in Saxonwold, Johannesburg is a very relaxed environment where her clients are made to feel at home while they shop or get a private consultation. Her work is always superbly crafted, interesting and comfortable. The Marianne Fassler woman can be described as one that: love’s individuality, identity, excellent craftsmanship and diversity in their wardrobe.

MARIANNE FASSLER TO USE 4Fassler’s design ethos is one that stretches into philanthropy. The fashion icon is also an ambassador for Orange Babies South Africa, which is the local branch of the Dutch HIV NGO, founded in 1999. Orange Babies works at reducing mother to child transmission of HIV and to transform the lives of children infected and affected  by HIV/ AIDS, ultimately hoping to achieve an HIV-free generation.

In 2016, Fassler collaborated with luxury African Brand YSWARA to design an aromatherapy candle. The packaging was hand-signed and numbered by Fassler. The candles were launched at the FNB Joburg Art Fair, in September 2016. All proceeds were donated to Orange Babies.


Timelessly, Marianne Fassler proves that she is not to be boxed in as a designer in her work, but also a designer of the progression of humanity.


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