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Let Secret Getaway’s mysterious clues lead you to your next luxury break


Luxury breaks will always be a welcome experience no matter where and when you go, however you can find yourself becoming somewhat attached to specific destinations, making your world smaller than it need be. The launch of the Secret Getaway website promises to make your next bit of time off more spontaneous and exciting.


Secret Getaway’s website is a unique online accommodation booking platform that only reveals the name of the hotel once the purchase has been made. As soon as you sign up and become a member, you’ll be able to choose the area, the time of your getaway  and the level of luxury you’d love to experience.
The service is designed for the travellers who dream of jumping in their car and seeing where the road leads them. The adventure of the escape starts before you even leave your desk. The property selection on the website is constantly updated; some properties release one room, others a full suite of offers. All secret hotels are carefully selected with TripAdvisor reviews over 80% positive.



While brand conscious hotels can retain their exclusive reputation by not publicly offering a discounted rate, you, as a member, stand the chance of getting a one-of-kind, exclusive offer for some of the most iconic hotels in your city and surrounds.

As Secret Getaway Members, you, your friends and family will have the opportunity to experience being tourists in your own town with a luxury lottery where the odds are always in your favour. You’ll be presented with accurate descriptions of the hotel, room photos, the star grading, the surrounding neighbourhood of the property and the room type.


Perhaps these clues will help you guess which Top Secret Property you’ll be getting your deserved R&R. If the fear of not knowing is too much, you can select one of the revealed hotels or apartments available. This unique concept puts the thrill back into discovering new places – and offers the opportunity to uncover hotels you may never have considered before.




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