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Become a Master Chocolatier at Lindt’s Chocolate Studios


Taking a step in to the Lindt Chocolate Studio in Fourways is nothing like stepping in to the chocolate factories we read about as kids.

Instead of chocolate rivers and fountains, there lies a treasure chest of colourful Lindt hocolate balls. The edible walls and furniture are replaced by chocolate of all shapes, sizes and flavours which are stored in glass and gold. Guy Chonowits, Lindt’s Senior chocolatier, takes on the role of the limitless Willy Wonka. 

The chocolate studio is a great place to learn all the Excellencies that one can create with chocolate. And with new classes coming to the studio later in the year, Lindt Chocolate Studios is planning to make sure that the public knows nothing but the best of chocolate. The classes are for everyone, whether you have no idea what you’re doing in the kitchen or you consider yourself to be a Master Chef of note – the studios are accommodating to your skill and your willingness to learn new things.


You can choose from a wide range of classes to suit different preferences and budgets. The LINDT Chocolate Appreciation Class, Art of Macaron Making and the Art of Cupcake Making are some of the most popular classes on offer. Lindt also delights itself in catering for all kinds of team building, corporate events or social get-togethers.

Keep up with the studio and book yourself a class online, head to


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