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Take part in the delectable #JoziWineRoute adventure


Could there be a better way to explore an area than with a few friends while tasting a wide array of South African wines? Tuning the Vine’s #JoziWineRoute offers this fun, mid-week adventure for everyone, whether you consider yourself a true connoisseur or someone looking to learn more about wine.


The adventure on 4th Avenue in Parkhurst begins as soon as you’re given your wristband, map and wine glass. From there you’re able to move toward any of the marked out locations to discover a vast exciting line-up of South African wine producers. You’re met with a knowledgeable pourer at every stand therefore the flavours will not get lost in translation if only you open up and ask them a few questions – this will help make you even more of a sophisticated wine drinker or collector. Make sure you keep track of the estates which impress you as you’ll be able to order a few bottles online from


Some of the #JoziWineRoute venues will offer delicious gourmet snacks to go with your drinks however if snacking is not for you then you can always kick back at one of the many excellent restaurants which, on the night, close later than usual.

Make your way to the next #JoziWineRoute events which will take place on Wednesdays 5 April and 3 May 2017.

Images: Lyla Illing


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