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Soak up the local art scene at First Thursdays


Art and the art world can sometimes feel like an overwhelmingly intellectual underworld which only the brightest and richest have access to. Every month, this logic is wonderfully dispelled by a genius public event called First Thursdays

ft3 Never Again Again by Brett Murray

Keeping true to its name, the event takes place on the First Thursday of every month.  Art galleries and cultural events around Johannesburg, Cape Town and, most recently, Durban’s city centres stay open until 9pm. This allows anyone to explore the respective city on foot and experience the cultural wealth it has to offer.

Great for an alternative night out, you can invite your friends and family to join you in soaking up the richly creative offerings from both South African and International artists. Enjoy live music, scrumptious food and refreshing beverages while you find your way to the next gallery using an informative map which you can pick up at any participating venue.

ft2 Everard Read Gallery

ft4 Keyes Art Mile – Rosebank

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Images: Lyla Illing


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