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Lalalux: The fashion boutique building unique wardrobes for women across SA

After spending 22 years living in Miami,USA, Lauren Fabian – founder of LALALUX, has been able to sharpen her knowledge about what exactly women want to add to their wardrobes.

The South African born businesswoman returned to her place of birth in 2012 with a vision of offering women a wide array of high end, quality, once off dresses – all created by renowned American designers. Without much of a client base or even a large network of friends, Lauren launched her brain child in Parkhurst. “The idea took off very well. Everyone loved the pop up shop that we first started with. Many customers were even more interested about the next one asking about when it would take place. This was encouraging, as I started selling my merchandise in a side room of a hair salon in Parkhurst.”



LALALUX offers one of the most soothing shopping experiences.  The initial walk in is one that pleasantly surprises with colour. Fabrics such as silk jersey, cashmere and merino wool alluringly hang from the rails of the store. Unique to most boutiques, soothing sounds allow you to think clearly about your next choice while the scent of essential oils reassure your near future decisions.

Premium brands such as Eliza J, Diane von Furstenburg,   Catherine Malendrino; Trina Turk and Coach flood the store making it easy to identify one of the reasons to the store’s success. The other reason is owed to the idea of selling once off dresses.   “One of the main concepts to LALALUX is to provide a lady with a one-off dress. Whether you’re attending a corporate or special social event, like a wedding, the risk of bumping into someone in the same dress will be minimized”, Lauren explained.

With the intention of catering for the busy woman, LALALUX provides clients with a fantastic personal shopping service. Whether you’re based in Johannesburg or King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, the store will have items delivered to your home or office so you can decide on an item in the comfort of your private space.



Words & Images: Kwanele Kunene


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