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One Wingz of Change helps Gogo Zodwa fulfill an 80 year old dream


Any health and wellness expert knows the importance of a good night’s rest especially on a quality bed. For boxing enthusiast, Gogo Zodwa, to sleep peacefully throughout the night on a comfortable bed was a luxury she could only imagine. This was until Hot 91.9FM’s One Wingz of Change stepped in to make sure that Gogo Zodwa, who is well into her 80’s, gets to experience her dreams in real life.

“I worked at an old age home for 23 years, looking after old people; making their beds, tea and feeding them. Now I’m the old one.” She’s always involved in community upliftment programs such as gardening, knitting, and being an inspiration to those around her.  Gogo Zodwa  won the 2016 Community Dedicated Senior Citizen award.
“I also love exercising – boxing is my favourite. I could punch on for hours! At night, if my husband rolls over I’ll punch him…by mistake” she says laughing.


During a live interview on Hot91.9FM’s Joburg’s Hottest breakfast, Gogo Zodwa was given a bed from the Sealy Mattress Gallery. She also received a brand new TV.

Her biggest dream was to visit a coastal area as she has spent her entire life inland, “I’d love to go to Durban to see the beach and the ocean. Since I was a baby I have never been to the ocean, I have only heard about it. I would love to visit the beach.”

The Hot team scrambled together on the spot to ensure that Gogo Zodwa gets to live her greatest desire. Hot91.9FM pledged to send her on an all-expenses paid trip to Durban. Avis Chauffer also got on board to make sure that this dynamic granny would explore the coastal city luxuriously and safely. McDonalds elevated the surprise package by gifting Gogo with R5000 spending money.


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Words: Kwanele Kunene

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