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South African artist Kai Lossgott to show his first solo exhibition since returning from Paris



The Absa Gallery will be hosting a riveting new solo exhibition from 2015 L’Atelier winner Kai Lossgott. For years, Lossgott has been driven to explore questions related to our human relationship with the world in which we live. With the purpose of interrogating the idea of how people and things end up being considered useless, he recently unpacked the question “What is Waste?”

Lossgott is known for investigating questions of personal and environmental health to speak about human agency within the socio-ecological crisis. He takes this idea a step further in hunter-gatherer as he explores how to live beyond the neuroses and obsessions of mass extraction, consumption and discarding to experience life on its own terms. In the current age of the Earth, which some geologists have called the Anthropocene, human activity is the dominant influence on climate and the environment. This is the consequence of the industrial activities surrounding the production of our discarded objects; waste that apparently no longer has a use.



“My current work centres around questions of value, and the notion of intrinsic worth; the appreciation or conservation of things or matters for their own sake rather than for human gain. Seeking to destabilise my human position through the tool of scale, I explore the symbolic mapping of borders and territory, and what may lie within or outside the borders of the valuable or meaningful. I physically relocate objects found on dumps or in the street, from a past life on a supermarket shelf, to a new context in museums and galleries ,” Lossgott explains.

Having just returned from his art residency in Paris, France, this will be Lossgott’s first solo exhibition after winning the prestigious L’Atelier art competition in 2015.  “Hunter-Gatherer “ will take place at the Absa Gallery from 21 May 2017 to 15 June 2017.


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