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n2ice2Image courtesy of: Inside Guide

It is true – your life does change forever once you have the privilege of having your scoop of ice cream being made from scratch right in front of you.  However nothing prepares you for the childlike excitement that overcomes you when you are asked if you’d like a scoop made from real avocado!

At N2 Ice Cream Lab, all sorts of flavour profiles are possible as they cater to the limits of your imagination. 196°c is the key to enjoying ice cream flavours such as Mango and Toasted Coconut, Toffee Apple, Guinness and Lindt, Blueberry Cheesecake, Pink Champagne and Amarula and Chocolate.

vanilla-barone-nuts_0Image courtesy of: Of Local

 “The Liquid Nitrogen or LN2 (as it’s known in science circles) is odourless and tasteless. It’s non-toxic making it completely safe to eat any product made with it. By the time your ice cream is made, the LN2 would have completely disappeared and the end product is a velvet smooth and densely textured ice cream or sorbet.”

N2 Ice Cream Lab is now becoming more accessible with the introduction of the mobile lab. From birthday parties to weddings, exhibition and corporate functions – they will impressively cater to any crowd. “Our mobile laboratory offers a one of a kind experience, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.  It can be completely bespoke and offers an exciting alternative to traditional ice cream.”

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Words: Kwanele Kunene

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