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Dress Over the Dress 


The look of the pleated midi, on its own, can get a little over whelming; throwing something over most of it softens the repeated detail. This is a fabulous, left-of-centre way of layering – wearing a dress over a dress. It is a bold style statement to make. It says you’re not the type of woman who relies on what is considered traditionally pretty.  


The Metallic skirt trend seems to be sticking around a lot longer than first anticipated and we love this! It is playful and not restricted to a specific time of day therefore allowing you to dress it up or down.  While gold is the more popular colour, you should have fun with the available options.  Try it in blue, green, silver, purple or any other interesting colour you may come across.

Eliminate Matching Shoe Rules

1460-smooth-boots-doc-martensDoc Martens  1460 Smooth Boot

aquazzura-pompom-slippers Aquazzura pompom slippers

chuck-taylor-red Chuck Taylor All Star

Fact: The pleated skirt is a pretty skirt in the “girliest” sense possible. This makes it easy to box yourself in when it comes to your choice in footwear. Translate pretty: explore a bit of grunge with Doc Martens boots, try out athleisure with fun clean sneakers, or relax into the skirt’s structure with interesting slippers.


Words: Kwanele Kunene

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