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Take part in the best crate digging experience at Stanley Beer Yard 

Held on the first Sunday of EVERY month, join the eleven best Gauteng record stores and dealers for a pop-up vinyl record market. This is a great chance for you to expand your record collection in a super-fun and relaxed setting. You’ll find thousands of quality, hand-picked records in crates, ready for the music aficionado to browse. Welcome to newcomers and seasoned music collectors alike, there is something for everyone, no matter their genre preference or budget.

Fuel Up with a Breakfast prego or make room for  the delicious Stanley Beer Yard lunch. You can also  have wine or a recommended craft beer from the extensive menu .

Make the day a family event as the venue is child friendly with loads to keep your kids entertained at the 44 Stanley centre. The atelier will be doing a special reading of the children’s book ‘Nombulelo And The Moth’ by author Susie Dinneen at 10am. Your children can enjoy the most scrumptious Beslgian chocolate treats from Chocoloza.

Vinyl Sundays starts at 10am on Sunday, 2 July.



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