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The World’s leading furniture producer celebrates its 90th birthday with exciting ideas for the future 

One thing more exciting and encouraging than realising future goals is planning them. The beginning stage of anything creates within us as individuals or a collective a sense of limitlessness and childlike wonder. Cassina, one of the world’s most prestigious furniture producers, has owned this idea, put it in the context of interior design and released it to the world as a glorious book: Cassina: This Will Be The Place. To mark the company’s 90th anniversary, “This Will Be The Place” written by Felix Burrichter, “explores the concepts of living through the creation of 5 unique, ideal interiors around the world”, Rizzoli USA.



This is achieved through two sections: one which examines evolving tastes and contemporary lifestyles and the other is a visual experience where “five different building types are presented through a photographic panorama”. Various locations from Italy, China to the USA aide in the “throw-forward” of Cassina’s ideas of future interiors. Excellent concepts of what interiors will look and feel like are provided by leading designers such as Martti Kalliala, Konstantin Grcic and Zhao Yang.


Purchase this book and products by Cassina at True Design in Rosebank, Johannesburg.


Words: Kwanele Kunene & Rizzoli USA

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