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The idea of ‘effortless style’ should really be one left in a box full of nostalgic memories. In current times, where apps such as Instagram are making physical appearance even more important, effort must be generously dusted all over your style. But of course life is not exactly an app where your life and how you look is so perfectly curated that you’re always getting the all-important thumbs up. Your life is busy – you have an actual job, children who need your unfaltering attention and other matters that fill up the empty gaps of your day; so how are you supposed to even begin to keep up with being the well groomed lady at the office? You need to start planning your outfits for the week ahead of time.

Just like the all healthy meal planners who have figured out what they will be putting into their bodies all week, you must know what you’ll be putting onto your body all week. The process is also very easy.

  1. Label Hangers with the days of the week

Being aware of the week’s style vision makes mornings much easier to live through, it eliminates the panic of not knowing what to wear.  You can always swop the days around depending on your mood or even the weather but what is important is that you stick to the frame you create for the week.

  1. Create a Uniform

Apart from education, one of the other benefits of school was that there was a uniform. You never had to think of what to wear. Uniforms allow you to distinguish your taste as you will have more room to build your wardrobe with exceptional consideration as opposed to always shopping for trends. You can also create a new solid look to stick to for every week of the month. Go from jeans and blouses one week to pencil skirts and crisp shirts the next.

  1. The Fitting Room

You must try your outfits on before you decide on them. Not only is it a lot of fun but you won’t be discouraged when something doesn’t fit or if the ensemble isn’t as chic as you had imagined. It’s better to edit before the morning comes.



words: Kwanele Kunene

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