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Recently, I decided on wearing a pair of sandals I’ve had for 7 years. They’re surprisingly still in amazing condition and compliment various looks. I love them but they are not en vogue – AT ALL. Glancing at them while I was at the office made me wonder when people stop wearing items in their wardrobes. Is there a considered criteria or do you get rid of your clothes as soon as a new forceful trend is all over your Instagram feed?

I ask this because I believe style (something we can all have) is a lot like love – it should be everlasting. You can’t just let go of your clothes as soon as you lose the excitement that you initially experienced.  Granted, weight gain and loss plays a major part in how long you keep certain clothes around for – trust me, my Double D bosom has forced me to let go of some gorgeous crisp white shirts. But you really have to get to learn about your sense of dress and the garments you have chosen to have in your closet.

Developing a personalized aesthetic takes will always lift your style status up a few notches. Clichéd as it may be; as the years pass the fabrics develop their own special character through being worn enough times, they begin to feel different on your skin and breathe a unique life into some of your new purchases.

With a honed in sense of dress; whether preppy, athletic, eccentric or gloriously glamorous, you develop a knack for shopping in a fun and very effective way. You’re hardly ever looking for a trend but you’re always on the prowl for either something that’ll blend in with what you already have or offer you a refreshing quirkiness. You really have to learn to be boldly confident with your sense of style; you cannot allow yourself to be swayed by every hot new thing – a lot like in love!


words: Kwanele Kunene

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