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Petra Laranjo and her network of influencers speak about the importance of Living on Purpose

Life can be insufferable. This is especially true when you begin to feel as if all your energy is being directed to performing one lifeless function after another. Your time is spent on completing survival tasks when all you want to do is have a fresh, passionate sense of your existence. Knowing that there are people out there who have been in such a space and found a way out and into a fulfilling and extraordinary life is enough to make you stop and take ownership of your breath.

Petra Laranjo’s phenomenal book Living On Purpose is a collection of personal accounts from a diverse selection of successful men and women. They relay the stories of how they were able to channel their focus into the products or services they give to the world. Furthermore, and most importantly, you will be given insight to how and why they changed the course of their lives to be more fulfilling.

“Be inspired by the journeys of others and learn how you can define who you are; redefine the vision for your life; identify beliefs that have been holding you back; change those beliefs to empowering ones; develop a healthy self-image; discover your purpose; connect with your purpose; take action; stay on course; and inspire and impact others” Petra Laranjo.

Living On Purpose is more than a self-help book, it is a gentle conversation which never forces you to think different but waits for you to be ready to engage with it in order to be your best self. The stories are relatable in that they’re being told by regular people who have let their lust for life, commitment to achievement, resilience when faced with failure and an unbending trust in the process – lead them to their unique desired goals.


*Petra Laranjo is an author, philanthropist, actress and image specialist. She is a leading speaker. Consultant and coach in the employee engagement, personal growth and development, corporate branding and client relationship management areas.



Words: Kwanele Kunene

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