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Hot919 with Eskort Just Delicious

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Eskort is celebrating 100 years of making life delicious this year and is publishing a limited-edition recipe book: 100 Recipes for 100 Years.

#JustDelicious with Eskort is your fast, easy and fun food idea feature on Hot919 – a quick feast of flavourful variety in a bite sized chunk.

#JustDelicious has a simple recipe:

  1. Take one passionate foodie, Elise Ruddle
  2. Add a time, say 15h45 on Thursdays
  3. A Dash of Italian talent, Sasha Martinengo,
  4. Mix in tons of culinary adventure and Voilà! You get a buffet of ideas for every taste and every meal.

Whether you want new and exciting lunchbox ideas, quick meals for end-of-the-month weeknights, ways to make dinner parties or braais extra special or inspiration on mixing and matching ingredients to unleash your gourmet genius, you’ll find it on #JustDelicious.

Brought to you by your one-stop inspiration station,

Eskort. Life’s delicious. #Eskort100

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Eskort - Just Delicious Recipes on Hot919

ON AIR NOW9:00 AM - 12:00 PMThe Mark Pilgrim Show
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