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#WIN with Hot 91.9fm and The Fragrance Queen. Tune-In to #LunchWithLloyd this Sunday, 29 October 2017, for the #OctoberFragrance special between noon and 3pm, when Lloyd will be chatting to renowned fragrance expert, Liz Ferrett. If ever there was a person who knows all there is to know about fragrance, it’s Liz Ferrett!

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How to choose a new fragrance or a gift for someone.

It’s so daunting choosing a new fragrance & especially a fragrance gift for a loved one. Here are a few tips to help you do this.

There are thousands of fragrances on the market both for women & men. In addition there are so many new launch fragrances each season & some people find this very difficult.

Finding a new fragrance for yourself

Firstly fragrances enhances your beauty & is the final touch to your daily wardrobe. In addition fragrance can lift your mood for the day. Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Test fragrance on your skin rather than a fragrance blotter
  • Wait 30 minutes before deciding what the fragrance smells like on your skin
  • We suggest that you only test 3 fragrances at a time & remember which you sprayed where
  • Fragrance will take on a different aroma on each person due to your own skins make up
  • Choose a fragrance to suit your own personality, style & lifestyle
  • We suggest that you don’t choose a fragrance that smells great on a friend


The fragrance families & the type of person that would wear which fragrance family

Floral – Hopeless romantic who loves romantic music & movies. Wear classically tailored clothing in beautiful soft colours.

Fresh – Energetic but at the same time relaxed, loves the outdoors & enjoys exercising. The women wear little or no make-up & lead an active lifestyle.

Oriental – Confident & sophisticated, exotic, bold & love to stand out in the crowd. Enjoy spicy food.

Wood – Passionate about life in general, not afraid to experiment & has their own unique style.

Chypre – Wants to stand out in the crowd & wants to dazzle with glitz & glamour with unusual elegance & needs to be noticed.

Fougere Night owl, happy to curl up on the couch with a fabulous book. Like to mull over the world & at the same time loves the sound of silence.

Gourmand This sensual person loves the finer things in life. Loves to cook, entertain, decorate a beautiful table for dinner & eat delicious things.

Oud Loves to make a statement no matter where they go, want to linger in a person’s memory. Loves to burn incense.

How to choose a gift

It’s really daunting purchasing a fragrance for someone else. It’s advisable that you do not purchase something that you like & rather enquire what part of the fragrance wheel the person likes.

The best advice that we can give is to use the easy way out & to purchase a fragrance the person already uses. The other option is to find out what fragrance family the current fragrance the person wears & to purchase something within that fragrance family.

It’s also important that you check with the fragrance sales assistant whether they may exchange the fragrance (this will mean that the cellophane must not be taken off)

A fragrance is so personal we would suggest that you discuss your intentions to the person & what they like as fragrance is costly & you don’t want to give a gift that won’t be used.

Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme EDP – A woody spicy fragrance for a masculine yet authentic man.

Top note                Leather

Heart                      Patchouli & Cypress

Base notes             Woody notes & Vetiver

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock for Her Eau de Parfum – A woody floral fragrance for the electric, rebellious, elegant woman.

Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock for Him Eau de Toilette – An oriental woody fragrance for a rock man who is confident in his own style

For Her                                                                                                                     For Him

Top notes              Jasmine, pink pepper & silkwood blossom                              Grapefruit & black pepper

Heart                        Chestnut, whipped cream & vanilla                                         Incense & vanilla

Base notes             Sandalwood & cashmere wood                                                  Sandalwood


Armani Si Perfume oil – A Chypre fruity fragrance

A drop of luxury, high perfume concentration which has depth & intensity.

Top note                Cassis

Heart                        Freesia & May rose

Base notes             Vanilla, patchouli, ambroxan & woody notes

This Sunday we are giving away these amazing fragrances –

Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme EDP 50ml R1 605, Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock for Her Eau de Parfum 50ml R1 100, Zadig & Voltaire Just Rock for Him Eau de Toilette 50ml R 845 and Armani Si Perfume oil 30ml R1 500

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This week’s question: Name one of the fragrances we are giving away & what type of fragrance it is.

Winners will be announced every Sunday between noon and 3 pm during #LunchWithLloyd on #Hot919fm.

Here are a few handy tips and tricks as well as fascinating facts we learnt from Liz:

  • Women began wearing fragrance more than 5 000 years ago. They used incense and beetle blood to create their perfumes. One of the first recorded manufactured perfumes was Chanel No 5, which was launched in 1921.
  • When going to buy a fragrance, do not smell more than three at a time. Your nose confuses the brain so you won’t get the true scent – even if you sniff coffee beans in between.
  • Never buy a fragrance just because it smells good on a friend.
  • Your fragrance requires at least 30 minutes to develop on your skin, so if you have sampled fragrances (only three, remember!) go have a coffee and if, after 30 minutes, you still love the smell – you’re good to go buying!
  • The biggest fragrance no-no is rubbing your perfume. Fragrance in broken up into three parts, a top note – this is the first impression of a scent; then comes the heart of the fragrance – this is the dominant or core scent, and then the soul – which is the base note and triggers the memories.
  • When you rub your perfume, you actually break down the scent.
    • It is best to sample fragrance in the afternoon – as your nose is at its most keen.
    • If you have dry skin, apply some lotion onto your skin first before spraying on your perfume, this way the scent will last longer.
  • Direct sunlight will quickly degrade the quality of your perfume, so keep it in a dark cool place such as in a pretty box in your wardrobe, or your make-up drawer. Bathrooms are another definite no-no. The humidity in the bathroom will break down the components of your fragrance.
  • Spray your perfume on the warmer parts of your body – this way it will last longer. Liz recommends on the back of your neck, in the folds of your arms as well as behind your knees (because scent rises).
  • The best time to apply perfume is in the morning straight after a shower. Your scent will last much longer as your body is warmer and your skin will absorb it better.
  • There is no rule that says you cannot mix fragrances – so experiment with mixing them up and see which combos you love most.
  • Do not apply fragrance to your décolletage. It can cause sun spots and aging.
  • Always remember that although you may love a million fragrances it’s important to have a signature perfume.
  • The general rule of not being able to smell your own perfume but being told by others around you that you smell good is very true. If you can smell your own fragrance, it’s not the right one for you or you are applying too much.
  • The most popular fragrance brands are Chanel, Dior, Paco Rabanne and Hugo Boss.

Fragrance also says a lot about your personality. Here is a general guideline to which personalities suit which family of fragrance: 


Floral – Romantic and feminine woman, traditional, well-dressed, delicate make-up, tailored clothing. Loves classic romantic movies.
Oriental – Exotic woman who enjoys being bold and standing out with warm sensuality. You like to make a statement when you enter a room.
Fresh – Fuss-free woman who likes exercising, wears little to no make-up and loves the outdoors.
Woody – This is a unique woman who is not afraid to experiment, and is passionate about life in general. An interesting woman.
Gourmand – A woman who likes the finer things in life and is sensual. You love the smell of chocolate, caramel, honey, melon and apple.
Oud – A woman who likes to attract attention, as it lingers on your skin. It’s a mark of powerful status. You flirt easily.

lizferretMore about Liz: She grew up in Durban & started her career in the beauty business many years ago. She joined a fragrance brand which carried many brands under its umbrella.

This is where her love affair for fragrances began & it’s never left her. So much so that she has at any given time at least 10 fragrances to choose from depending on her mood, the type of day it is & her plans for the day.

She has worked for 2 international beauty brands & a luxury retailer & now do fragrance journey presentations to groups of woman.

“I am thrilled to be joining Lloyd on Sundays @ 1.30 on all aspects of fragrances.” – Liz Ferrett

Her favourite scents that have nothing to do with fragrance include … lavender – which reminds her of her parents’ garden growing up, neroli ( a fusion of flowers and oranges), and her husband’s chicken curry.

She’s a travel fanatic! ‘When I’m not working I spend most of my time planning travel trips … I love researching and learning more about the cultures of different countries around the world so I adore travelling the world – I honestly cannot pick a favourite country.’

Here are Liz’s top five picks of what every woman should have … a fabulous perfume, a body lotion, friends, a gorgeous man and pretty underwear.

You can follow Liz on Instagram: liz_fragrancequeen or on Twitter: fragrance_queen

You can also send her an email: for any further info you may require.