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Tune in to The Mark Pilgrim Show every Tuesday morning at 09h40 as he teams up with Incredible Connection to talk gadgets in non-gadgety language! It’s all about living with electronics that make your life easier at home and at work.

Incredible Connection – Live Connected

We all live connected, curious about our world and of each other. Every day, we look for ways to make new connections and make the old ones stronger.

Our purpose here at Incredible Connection is to help make that happen for you. Explore our wondrous world of constantly evolving technology, here with us or wherever you may be.

Let us guide you, surprise you and delight you, whether you need to connect to discover, learn, play or earn. We’ll make it easy to understand, to decide and to afford.

Because, we know our success, happiness and inspiration is only possible because of our humanity, our ability to express, to create, to share, and ultimately, to #LiveConnected 

Incredible Connection

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Tech Talk with Mark Pilgrim - Live Connected