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Hot919 and the Sage Foundation are awarding four grants of R125 000 each

Sage Foundation together with Hot919 FM, believe in the potential and powerful impact that Non-Profit Organizations have in our community. Which is why we’re giving away four grants of R125 000 each to NPOs operating in the fields of Youth Development; Women and Children, Education and Information Technology.

In order for any application to be considered for the Hot 91.9 & Sage Foundation grant give away, the charity must be:

  • A registered NPO in South Africa
  • The NPO must support programs that align with our criteria of supporting women, youth and military veterans projects.
  • The causes Sage Foundation will support must be aligned with our BEE objectives in donating to and volunteering with previously disadvantaged and marginalised sectors in South Africa.
  • The NPO must be able to provide a budget breakdown of the use of the funds if required and must be able to measure the impact as a result of the donation
  • If the NPO is selected as a finalist of this program, they will still be subject to a Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) validation process.
  • The funds will be made available to the NPO once the CAF process is complete and provided the NPO passes the validation. All funds will be paid out via CAF on behalf of Sage.
  • The CAF validation process requires detail and verification and can take anything between 2 – 4 months to be completed.

By submitting this application, you have read and accepted the terms as detailed above.

If you would like to apply, fill in the application form below. Submissions close on the 4th of February 2018. Thank you for your application and good luck!

HotCares and Sage Foundation – making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.

T’s and C’s apply.

Sage Foundation Grant Application Form

Official Organization name:
NPO/ PBO Registration number:
In what year was your organization established?:
Contact Person:
Contact email address:
Contact telephone number:
Physical address:
Website address:
Briefly describe your organization’s goals (no more than 150 words):
Briefly describe your organization’s activities (no more than 150 words):
Please motivate what the Sage Foundation grant would be used for (Nature of the project that requires funding) (no more than 250 words):
How many individuals/ beneficiaries are part of the program and will benefit?:
How will this grant benefit previously disadvantaged sectors of South African society? (no more than 150 words):
Is there an opportunity for Sage colleagues to volunteer with your organisation?:
Please state if your organization will re-grant any of the funds granted to it? If yes, please explain:
Do you have a governing document which states your Aims and Objectives etc? (i.e. statutes, trust deed, charter, articles of incorporation and/or byelaws, memorandum and articles of association, constitution).:
Is any of your income or are any of your assets distributed to, or applied to the benefit of, a private person or for-profit organization, other than the beneficiaries of your charitable purpose?:
Do any individuals or for-profit enterprises own any part of your organization’s income or assets?:
Will you provide any benefit, whether direct or indirect, to the donor in return for any donation you may receive as a result of this grant application now or in the future?:
Is your organization in the process of being wound up or dissolved?:
What will happen to the assets of your charity in the event of dissolution (i.e. ceasing to function)?:
Under the laws and customs applicable to your organization, or under its governing instruments, is your organization permitted to: A - (Except as an insignificant part of your organization’s activities) engage in activities that are unrelated to your primary purpose:
B - (Except as an insubstantial part of your organization’s activities) attempt to influence legislation?:
C - Participate or intervene, directly or indirectly, in any political campaign for or against any candidate for public office?:
D - Is your organization controlled by any other organization?:
If you have answered 'Yes' to any of the last four questions please provide an explanation::
* = Required Field
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